The bulk of NECR advertising is derived locally, with programming sponsorship forming an important part of the radio station's revenue.

The most gratifying thing from NECR's point of view is that most companies which have taken out advertising and sponsorship packages with us, have stayed or returned for repeat campaigns due to a good response from customers for their products and services.

NECR has received many endorsements to this effect.

If you are interested in advertising or sponsorship, either e-mail or call me on 01467 632909 or e-mail:

Maggie MacNaughton
Head of Sales and Promotions, NECR

"We find advertising on NECR an integral part of our marketing mix. It allows us to reach a large, local audience and have found response from our campaigns to be very good - excellent value for money."
Trevor Booth, Booth for Better Service
"The Ads work wonders for the business and also help reunite pets and owners or find new homes for pets. It is one form of advertising I will not stop as I feel it reaches more local people than any printed media."
Linda Riseborough, Ebrie Lodge Pet Hotel
"I & K Motors and NECR have enjoyed a successful partnership for many years...NECR provide an excellent medium to advertise our company in the immediate vicintiy."
Bill Duncan, I & K Motors
"We find advertising through NECR works well for our business. Spots on the radio keep our name in the forefront of peoples minds."
Jackie, Scotch Corner Turriff
"Quite simply NECR works for us - it is local, easy to listen to and we get good feedback from our customers. Everybody listens to NECR, all over the North East."
Pedal Power, Inverurie
"Having tried all the alternatives I found that NECR is the most cost-effective way of advertising, particularly in the rural areas of Aberdeenshire, they are also nice people to do business with."
Michael Rochon, Mill of Clola Furniture Centre
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