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Programming is mainly aimed at 25 to 65 audience age group to whom most of our advertising is targeted as prime spenders, although as a recent survey has shown, we offer a broad spectrum of appeal from quite young listeners to the elderly, with no significant difference in soci-economic or gender groupings.

NECR's informal style of presentation has tailored our programming format to local needs, and so we have been able to build up and consistently maintain around a 40% share of the available listening audience in our broadcasting area from early morning to late at night, by targeting certain groups at different times of the day.

Memorable Hit

From 6.00am to 6.00pm daily we transmit a "Memorable Hit" format mainly featuring the last 50 years of chart music, interspersed with local items of information in a rolling news format.

Ceilidh Hour

From 6.00pm to 7.00pm each night we air our very popular "Ceilidh Hour" featuring the best Scottish Traditional music and song, which is extremely popular with older listeners.

Country Jamboree

From 7.00pm to 10.00pm nightly it's the "Country Jamboree" featuring the very best of Irish Country and American Country music, again a very popular programme with our listeners in the North East.

Nice 'n' Easy

From 10.00pm - 12 midnight each evening, we transmit "Nice 'n' Easy" with the worlds greatest lovesongs till midnight.


From midnight to 6am (automated), back to back classic hits keeping you company through the night.

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